What Makes Academic Papers Excellent: Advice For Students

There are many things that go into making an excellent academic paper, and in this article, we will explore exactly what aspects of writing these are. Remember, that, it is not always about the content of your work that counts. Your structure and writing style also go a long way in achieving excellent marks for your work. We will provide you with all the tools on how to succeed in college writing academic papers.

Yes, it is that dreaded word every students hates to hear when paper writing: planning. However useless many students may think planning is, the fact cannot be denied that it is extremely beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, your plan acts as a blueprint for you to refer to when you are writing your actual paper.

Imagine buying home furniture from IKEA without the instructions. Eventually, you may figure out how to put it all together through trial and error, but the blueprint makes your life much easier. It is a similar analogy to paper writing. Planning makes your life easier and you do not need to waste precious hours pulling your hair out!
The best way to plan is to jot down the key ideas you aim to use in your writing. From this, briefly write down all the main arguments you will be making for the key ideas you want to include in your writing.

When you type a paper, the structure is extremely important. A well-structured paper allows you to follow your key arguments very easily, and allows you to understand complex ideas more easily. You can have all the best ideas in the world, but if they are not articulated properly, then you will fail miserably with your paper.
The key to achieving this is through using simple words, and using proper grammar and punctuation. Writing in smaller and easier to digest sentences is also key in making your reader understand your ideas.
In terms of the outline of your essay, we recommend the following outline:

  • Abstract: The abstract is important for every academic paper. It outlines what the paper is about, in around 200-250 words. It is not supposed to be detailed.
  • Introduction: The introduction states your thesis statement, and what your aims and goals are from your work. It also introduces the topic you will be discussing to the reader.
  • Literature Review: In a master paper, this section is extremely important. You need to review all the main published literature pertaining to your topic.
  • Main Body: The main body is where you perform your analysis and state your key points in trying to validate the thesis statement you made in the introduction.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion summarizes the paper, and seeks to see whether or not you have satisfied the thesis statements.

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